Through a combination of in-house and external partnerships with a range of regulatory experts and groups, EATRIS can provide regulatory support for most types of product including: Expert opinion, Orphan Drug Designation and Scientific Advice application at the EMA, Pre-clinical and clinical plan development, Informal scientific advice with selected national competent authorities, for highly complex projects,
access to EATRIS Regulatory Database (free of charge) that contains information about the regulatory requirements, guidelines and legislations from 27 EU countries (as well as Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Israel) regarding drug and medical device development derived from the application of European legislation.

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The OP ERDF Sicily 2014/2020 was built on the basis of an analysis of the relevant needs, problems and opportunities that characterize the Sicilian Region with the involvement of the territory through a path of public consultation. The thematic objectives and investment priorities have been identified on the basis of EU Regulations n. 1301/2013 and n. 1303/2013 and the Partnership Agreement for Italy 2014/2020.

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EATRIS Matchmaking for lab services

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EATRIS facilitates academic collaborations with industry. It identifIes scientific & medical expertise and find the capacity to provide access to the latest technologies and core facilities from within our technology platforms.It serves as a single point of contact, provides (legal) support and acts as a negotiator to facilitate project initiation and monitor project execution when needed. Its infrastructure consists of 115+ biomedical research institutes in 14 EU countries.

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