Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Core Unit offers practical and theoretical support for all questions regarding flow cytometry. The laboratory presently has at its disposal three flow cytometers for 15 to 19 parameter cell measurements, one of which is a multi-colour device for cell sorting:
LSR II: 405, 488 & 635 nm lasers, 15 parameters
LSR Fortessa: 405, 488, 561 & 640 nm lasers, 19 parameters
FACSAriaFusion: 405, 488, 561 & 640 nm lasers, 19 parameters
Services also include: Cellular therapeutic agents for clinical routine, i.e.:
Cryopreservation and storage of, and storage logistics for autologous and allogeneic blood products
Thawing for reinfusion
CD3/19 depletion prior to HLA-mismatch stem cell transplantation
Cell manipulations and analyses for DLI
Preparation of MNC from blood for extracorporeal photopheresis (“mini ECP”) for treatment of GvHD