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M4 – MAKE ME MY MODEL consultancy service – Flux Balance Analysis
M4 – Make Me My Model is an initiative of ISBE light, the starting pilot of ISBE. At SYSBIO, you can contact us to develop a metabolic math model specific for your research. This constraint-based model approach, called Flux Balance Analysis, could be of great usefulness to understand your data and improve the impact of your publication (i.e. better journal, wider and multidisciplinary approach, etc.). Different approaches can be provided, thanks to ISBE partners.

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ISBE NL systems biology expertise services

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Make Me My Model ( 4M 4U): Non modellers can obtain (assistance with) the making of a computational model of their biological system. If we can, we shall make you your model such that you can run it, use it to make predictions of the schemes you have in mind and compare that with your experimental results. Contact isbe@nl to make you a model of an experimental biological or medical system you are researching. In this way we can establish whether we have the modelling expertise to help you or can refer you to other isbe nodes

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