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Multinational clinical trialECRIN

When planning a multinational clinical trial, you need to consider financial, scientific, regulatory and administrative aspects long before you recruit the first patient. It is necessary to access experts and patients at other sites and countries, but complying with local regulations and requirements, sourcing services, and identifying collaborators can be a challenge. ECRIN is here to guide investigators/sponsors, project coordinators and other stakeholders through the different facets of multinational trial organisation.

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During project implementation, ECRIN offers investigators and project coordinators various trial management services, accompanying them all the way from recruitment of the first patient to scientific publication. ECRIN services include:

Submissions to competent authorities & ethics committees: ECRIN can manage submissions to regulatory and ethics authorities in participating countries, ensuring that timelines are respected to avoid delays
Insurance support: ECRIN can provide information regarding multinational trial insurance OR ECRIN can provide quotations for local insurance for multinational clinical trials
Monitoring: All tasks related to monitoring such as training, on-site visits and reporting can be handled by ECRIN across country sites
Adverse event reporting: ECRIN can support local reporting according to national requirements
Data management: ECRIN-Certified Data Centres may be used for data management in multinational trials (learn more about Data Centre Certification) 
Recommendations for health product and biosample management: ECRIN can provide contacts for medicine and sample handling across countries

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