Open access In Silico Tools to predict the ADMET profiling of drug candidates

Published by Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery

In Silico ToolDrug DiscoveryTarget IdentificationLead Optimisation

This review meticulously encompasses the fundamental functions of open access in silico prediction tools (webservers and standalone software) and advocates their use in drug discovery research for the Safety and reliability of any candidate-drug. This review also aims to help support new researchers in the field of drug design.

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Exploring The Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) of Drugs


In Silico ToolStructure-Activity RelationshipLead OptimisationTarget Validation

The Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) aids in understanding various aspects of drug discovery, from screening drug candidates to optimizing their properties. The effective biological activity is contributed by the various geometric and electrostatic interactions. This article introduce in a briefly way the diferent uses of The Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) in drug discovery.

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